Bingo World's Most Deeply Penetrating Lip Serum Treatment is EXACTLY what you've been looking for!!! Compare to Orlane Extreme Line reducing serum @ $80; ReVive Lip Periorial @ $115; Cle de Peau Beaute Lip @ $95. Made in USA for over 23 years!

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  • IMMEDIATELY hydrates/moisturizes/soothes all 7 skin layers, for beautiful, youthful, healthy, happy lips!

  • Stimulates the production of collagen for wrinkle reduction 

  • heals damage, cracked and dried lips

  • Beautiful specially-designed blue cobalt glass with stainless steel roll-on applicator

  • we promise that this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for


 What is Bingo?


BINGO is the world's ONLY special emu oil serum treatment for the lips & eyes...........

Bingo is a unique clarified, further refined version of Dremu Oil Serum and was created especially for your lips & eyes! (see Dremu oil FAQ) with a different applicator. Instead of an eye dropper, Bingo uses a roll on applicator. This makes Bingo a must “on the go” take along for immediate and easy spot applications such as dry lips, bug bites, pimples, sun burn, scratches, abrasions or any small area.

Is Bingo guaranteed?

Absolutely. All our products are satisfaction guaranteed; our terms and conditions provide a 30 day refund/60 day exchange policy!



Reviews (2)

Kayreen Karol Gucciardo, Chesapeake, VA 3rd Dec 2014

I have stopped using all other creams, lotions, etc and have exclusively turned to Dremu

I'm a busy working mom, with a college son and teen-age daughter, my husband is active duty military and I am an military officer in the US Navy (so you can see I am VERY active!) I am totally hooked on Dremu, even my daughter has begun using the products. People can't believe I am almost 42 years old (they think I am in my late 20s). I have stopped using all other creams, lotions, etc and have exclusively turned to Dremu products for my skin-care regime...Thank you!

Noel Chisholm 3rd Dec 2014

I Love your products

I Love your products...especially the pure emu oil. It does not just SIT on one’s face the way vitamin E does and you can really really tell it works. I have been using it for a year! Thank You

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Additional Info

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