Extra Strength IMMEDIATE Pain Relief. Made in USA for over 23 years!

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The Blaeres buy their Extra-Strength Pain Relief from Dremu Skincare in Miami.

Maybe you're not winning marathons, but your stiff joints and aching muscles make you feel as though you need good massage therapy, with a warming massage oil. Extra strength pain relief and the benefits of massage therapy are at your fingertips with our Pain Relief oil. It's a wonderful massage oil, providing instant thermal therapy.

For centuries, emu oil has been treasured for its remarkable healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. It's naturally penetrating qualities deliver fast relief to stiff joints and painful muscles. We infused this ancient remedy with 10 essential oils and plant extracts to create a warm, soothing massage oil that rapidly relieves pain, and reduces inflammation caused by arthritis, sore muscles, stiff joints, bruises and over-exertion.

Extra-Strength Pain Relief has been endorsed by many groups, including:

  • Arthritis Update magazine

  • Mall Walker's ClubAARP of Florida

  • Veterans Groups

  • Senior Scene

  • Time Out magazine

  • Chiropractors, Nurses

  • Physical Therapists

Comes with no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Why should I use Pain Relief?

Emu oil is a natural substance with anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties and no side effects unlike Cox-2 inhibitors, NSAIDS, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. It quickly and deeply penetrates the skin bringing you relief within 15 minutes.

How does Pain Relief work?

Emu oil is both anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. It's ingredients tell the whole story: Capsicum Oleo Resin is an active ingredient which desensitizes nerve ending, dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and relieves muscle pain. It’s also high in Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin. Arnica is a healing herb that stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscular pain. Camphor is a skin conditioner, soothing agent and muscle relaxant that balances, stimulates and cools. Menthol with a strong uplifting aroma enhances muscle penetration and is cooling. Methyl Salicylate, the main active ingredient in Wintergreen provides muscle warming and joint pain relief. Chinese Cornmint oil with a refreshing minty aroma is warming, comforting and energizing and used for deep pain relief. Eugenol is an active ingredient in clove and used for its antiseptic and analgesic properties. Clove oil with a spicy aroma is energizing, warming and revitalizing. Eucalyptus oil is fresh and stimulating and a powerful antiseptic which also relieves congestion. Lavender oil with a sweet floral aroma is calming and relaxing, balancing mind and body. Rosemary oil with an herbaceous aroma is stimulating and energizing. It relieves mental fog and is a muscle relaxant, soothing agent and skin conditioner.

Is it proven to work on arthritis?

Yes, in a research study using emu oil with arthritis sufferers, complete pain relief was reported in 14 days and complete elimination of swelling occurred in 17 days.

Dremu Pain Relief is endorsed by Arthritis Update magazine, AARP of Florida, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Time Out magazine, Mall Walker’s Club, Veterans Groups.

Will I smell like a medicine cabinet?

Pain Relief does have a light aroma which people generally find uplifting and pleasant. The scent does not linger.

Is Pain Relief guaranteed?

Absolutely. All our products are satisfaction guaranteed; our terms and conditions provide a 30 day refund/60 day exchange policy!

What are the ingredients?

Active ingredient Capsicum. Triple refined emu oil and ten essential oils: Sweet Almond oil, Arnica, Methyl Salicyate, Menthol, Camphor, Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus oil, Clove oil, Eugenol, Chinese Corn Mint oil, Lavender oil.

How do Seniors Spell Relief?


Emu oil is popping up all over and is quickly becoming a senior’s best friend. Touted as almost “magical,” this oil is being used as a healing agent for every ailment from arthritis to dry skin. It softens wrinkles and crow’s feet. Little lines around the eyes and mouth disappear with a dab or two.

Dermatologists, physical therapists and top beauty specialists rave about the power of emu oil. Mrs. Betty Blaere, a 73 year-old retiree from Dayton, Ohio, is a devoted emu oil user. “Emu oil quickly made the arthritis swelling in my knees disappear. It is the first remedy to give me a substantial amount of relief. I insisted that my husband use it for his aches and pains.”

John Blaere, a retired aero-nautical engineer, believes emu oil is the reason he is now able to walk more than a mile and take part in an exercise program critical to his heart disease treatment. Emu oil is natural, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and anti-inflammatory. It does not irritate sensitive skin and is not a drug. Penetrating and easily absorbed into the skin, it can be used numerous times a day. Skin feels silky smooth as the emu oil moisturizes and heals at the same time.


Reviews (6)

Anissa Madrill, Austin, TX 3rd Dec 2014

Smelled good and felt hot and soothing when I rubbed it on

I tried a your pain relief oil for my aching back and that felt wonderful!

Maryellen Perine 3rd Dec 2014

it definitely has helped the arthritis

I heard about Dremu products in a newspaper wellness feature. It mentioned that many senior citizens were finding relief from arthritis pain by using Emu Oil. I just received mine last week and it definitely has helped the arthritis in my hands.

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